My new ride

Trek 5200

To say that I’m excited to get this hot ass ride out onto the road would, quite possibly, be the understatement of the century. This is, essentially, the same bike that Lance Armstrong road to victory in the Tour de France. I found her on craigslist, of course, and snapper her up for a song. I’m a bit intimidated by the bike since I’ve never ridden a proper road bike and the aero bars pretty much freak me out, but you know I’m going to give it the ‘ol college try!

How to tell if you have great friends

I've got great friends

Dana, being the man that he is, sent me a special package overnight. The contents of which can only be truly appreciated by eating said contents. He sent me California burritos from Ramiro’s in San Diego. For the uninitiated, California burritos are regular cheese/meat burritos with french fries added to them. When mixed with the hot sauce provided they provide an absolutely orgasmic mixture of cheese, meat, grease and spices. Thanks D!