How to tell if you have great friends

I've got great friends

Dana, being the man that he is, sent me a special package overnight. The contents of which can only be truly appreciated by eating said contents. He sent me California burritos from Ramiro’s in San Diego. For the uninitiated, California burritos are regular cheese/meat burritos with french fries added to them. When mixed with the hot sauce provided they provide an absolutely orgasmic mixture of cheese, meat, grease and spices. Thanks D!

All your life are belong to the Intarweb

I’ve been thinking about the Internet and, especially, craigslist lately. Since moving out to Seattle I’ve relied heavily on both to form new friendships and find new things to do. This is a brief list of how the internet has affected my life recently.

  • The whole reason I moved to Seattle was because I met Brad, the proprietor of, LLC found me via an article I wrote.
  • My closest friends in Seattle are Garren, John and Andrew were all met in one way or another through craigslist.
  • I’ve disc golfed, snowboarded, ran, walked, talked and drank with numerous people I’ve met from craigslist.
  • I’ve gone on a few dates from craigslist. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say dating in Seattle sucks.
  • I’m going to Sasquatch with a girl who just moved here from Florida and was looking for a ride.

It’s really staggering now that I think about it. There isn’t a single person that I can think of that I interact with daily here in Seattle that I didn’t meet online somehow.