Fight back!

Here is a good site that tells you how to tell all your banks, creditors, credit card companies, etc. to NOT share your information with others. They don’t share just information, but transactional information, which is what makes this so scary. Another way to fight back is to return all that junk mail to the people with empty envelopes (that costs them money).

Disc Golf

I’ve recently started to get into Disc Golf. It’s an interesting sport that combins strategy, skill, and fun. What I like about it most is that practically anyone can start playing and be reasonably good by the end of their first round. I highly recommend looking for courses in your area.


Due to the recent snafu between AOL and Microsoft over placement of AOL in Windows XP, one has to wonder if AOL will toss its hat into the OS arena. They could, of course, make their own Linux distro. However, I would think a purchase of BeOS would be more in line with their strategy. And with as many uses as AOL has – this could be the end of Microsoft.