All your life are belong to the Intarweb

I’ve been thinking about the Internet and, especially, craigslist lately. Since moving out to Seattle I’ve relied heavily on both to form new friendships and find new things to do. This is a brief list of how the internet has affected my life recently.

  • The whole reason I moved to Seattle was because I met Brad, the proprietor of, LLC found me via an article I wrote.
  • My closest friends in Seattle are Garren, John and Andrew were all met in one way or another through craigslist.
  • I’ve disc golfed, snowboarded, ran, walked, talked and drank with numerous people I’ve met from craigslist.
  • I’ve gone on a few dates from craigslist. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say dating in Seattle sucks.
  • I’m going to Sasquatch with a girl who just moved here from Florida and was looking for a ride.

It’s really staggering now that I think about it. There isn’t a single person that I can think of that I interact with daily here in Seattle that I didn’t meet online somehow.

Hello? Is anybody paying attention?

I’ve been meaning to write up a few things about things that are currently going on in the news that absolutely shock me. Today I was tipped over the edge by news that Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales says prosecuting journalists over leaks is a possibility.

  • Gonzales Says Prosecutions of Journalists Are Possible – I hope he plans on prosecuting Robert Novak first thing. The chilling effect and erosion to our first amendment rights if this comes to fruition is staggering and alarming.
  • Wired news publishes AT&T documents – The phone companies turned over your phone records to the NSA so the government could mine that data for suspicious activities without a warrant. In fact, they didn’t even bother to get a FISA warrant, which are handed out like candy. Fuck you, get a search warrant like the constitution tells you to do.
  • Some Republicans want to make crossing the border without papers a felony. Where the hell are we going to put these people? The prisons are so overcrowded that we regularly let convicted rapists and murderers out too early. This simply doesn’t make any sense.
  • Bush wants to use the National Guard to patrol the border. These are the same men and women are have spent months in Iraq away from their families. These are the same men and women that are trained to do the following: kill people, repair tanks, blow shit up, recover from national disasters. On top of it they’d be patrolling the border in 2-3 week shifts. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it make more sense to, you know, hire real border personnel?

Does this make sense to anybody? Why aren’t people alarmed by the possibility of prosecuting journalists? Why aren’t we questioning stupid ideas like putting National Guardsmen on border patrol? Why aren’t we calling for the resignation and impeachment of a President that has repeatedly broken the law to spy on his fellow countrymen?

How about this one?

So Ian and I are walking from my place to Honey Hole to get some grub tonight when we see two guys walking in front of us. Both are pretty large rough looking banger type dudes. Both are wearing sweat pants and have their hats on backwards. One is wearing four sizes too small leopard print slippers.

I notice that both of them are checking out cars parked on the street and commenting about the cars to each other. At this point one of them walks up to an older Ford Taurus and kicks the tires and says to the other one, “This one looks like it’d be easy to take.” I think to myself, “There going to steal this fucking car!” Ian and I look at each other and start laughing because these two retards literally kicked the cars tires before contemplating stealing it in broad daylight.