PHPTalk 0.9 Released!

It took me a while, but I finally got off my ass and worked on PHPTalk. There are some major updates/upgrades in this version. I have ported PHPTalk to PEAR, included better support for i18n, fixed many minor bugs, and cleaned up a lot of the code. You can find out more about PHPTalk here.

Initial Notes on OS X

I have some intial notes after having used OS X for a day. First off the dock rules. I also like Apple’s love of keyboard shortcuts (I thik there’s a shortcut to hack automatically). The GUI is intuitive, nice to work with, and snappy. I have two complaints. One, the USB ports are on the left side and the mouse cord is about 12 inches long – so if you’re not left handed you’re out of luck. Second, you can’t hide single windows. You either minimize (which makes your dock bigger) or hide ALL instances of that application. One thing that is TOO cool is that OS X applications come as mountable images – you just mount the thing, drag it onto the apps icon in your dock, and unmount the image by dragging it into the trash.

It arrives

My new child has arrive. It came into my world at about 9:00am this morning. I couldn’t play with it right away because of outstanding circumstances, but as soon as those were cleared up I got down and dirty. My extra RAM came too, but I have yet to upgrade my iBook yet. I’m also awaiting my AirPort card, which will be a welcomed addition since I don’t have any decent sized network cables.

Internal Alarm set to 9:30am

I was up at the LAN party until about 3 before I decided to head home. After horrible 20 minute drive home in one of the most amazing lightning storms I had ever seen, I was tired as hell. As per usual I woke up at exactly (and I mean exactly) 9:30am. Like most days I stay up late and my “alarm” goes off this early I’ll stay up until about 10:30am or so and sleep a few more hours.

Trial run

I have been using Paul’s Titanium PowerBook all night at his house (LAN Party). I’m getting used to OS X. It’s got a great GUI, is super fast, and has all the fun apps one likes on a computer. Too bad my iBook remains unaccessible to me despite being less than 10 miles from my apartment. Sigh.

iBook Reviews

Since my iBook is somewhere over the Pacific, I decided I could read some more reviews about it. I already read quite a few. I knew it would be great to do development on, but I began to get greedy wondering if it could play games as well. The answer is yes! A somewhat dated iBook review states that it plays UT and QuakeIII flawlessly (and this is with an 8mb ATI, mine has the 16mb ATI). I can’t seem to find out how fast the CDRW is though. I have seen reports the cdrom on the old ones was about 24x – but I got the DVD-CDRW combo … we’ll see I guess. I have 17 cd’s of data to burn from my workstation before I get rid of it.

Blogger Code

I suppose you could call this site a “blog.” I don’t refer to it as a “blog”, but I’m sure others do. I recently was doing something I often do when I’m bored – select a random link from Camworld and read a few blogs. It’s hit or miss, but today was a hit – Blogger Code, which is a modification of the infamous Geek Code. The Geek Code is much more specific and in depth, but Blogger Code is still pretty funny. If you’re interested mine is “B9 d++ t++ k++ s u f i o x- e+ l- c”. I used to have my Geek Code stored somewhere, but I’ve lost it. I could possibly look through the 200MB+ of email I have archived, but that sounds like work.

Outer Mongolia here I come

I was sifting through the hundred or so cron messages, spam, etc. that I get everyday only to find an article about the federal government wanting to use the military for law enforcement, which is CLEARLY against our founding principles. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. This news coupled with the recent talks of internment camps for Arab Americans really gets my blood boiling. Not only have they taken away my fair use, they track me via face scanning software, and now they want to pull me over with F18’s. Like the title suggests – a move to another country sounds more and more appealing.

OSX Here I come

Whether it was the recent switch campaign or Paul’s recent ravings of his titanium I don’t know. What I do know is that I just bought quite a beefy iBook. 40GB hdd, airport card, 384MB of RAM, and the DVD-CDRW combo drive. It should run OSX and the upcoming Jaguar (OSX 10.2) without problems. I’m super pumped. This means that I will be leaving my beloved Debian behind, but at least OSX has apt-get.