The religious merit badge

Evidently freedom of religion does not extend to private organizations. A recent story on tells about an Eagle Scout who could be booted for being an Atheist. This fits well with their other close minded policy stating gays cannot participate either. Maybe I’m the only one noticing a drastic shift in the mentality of our nation. This drastic shift to the right is directly related to 9/11 and the tanked economy in my opinion.

Fall TV Lineup

I’ve been watching way too much TV. Boston Public is my new favorite show now that Ally was canceled. My close second favorite is Hidden Hills. If you haven’t seen it check it out – it’s REALLY funny. Rounding out my top five are Friends (of course – I feel aweful admitting this – it’s so cliche), Will and Grace, and Seinfeld (oldie, but goodie). I haven’t heard much about one of my favorite shows from last year, The Shield. It was an amazing show that really broke many rules.

Virii, Text Alignment, and much more

Slashdot is running a story about a computer worm that determines the optimal infection rate by communicating with other infected nodes. The witepaper talks about how virii infection rates are one of virii’s fatal flaws. In other news I’ve justified the text on this site (thanks moonie) using CSS. I’d also like to question why it always seems that on the nights you buy a six pack to limit alcohol intake you always end up being much more drunk than planned. It could have been the three games of beer pong I played …

Blogging for fun

For the past three (or is it four?) years I’ve been maintaining this blog for mainly my own amusement. Through the years you have seen me move across country, move back, rewrite and redisign this site, and threaten to move to Canada. The short end of this walk down memory lane is that this “blog” is here for my amusement. Most of what I write is totally useless. I say this in response to a recent post on where he says it’s a weblogging foul to admit you have nothing to say. It has been my experience that most bloggers have nothing to say, but millions of people blog every day and millions more read what we say. I believe this is why Seinfeld was so popular (a show about nothing).

Systems Administration

Many of you know me as “Joe the Programmer.” At my new job I’m “Joe the Systems Administrator” right now. My first task here is to build a robust, fault tolerant, scalable server solution. This involves many fun things that I now get to play with more than I had before. The list includes LVS, the High Availability package for Linux, NFS, serious RAID solutions, a Sun E450, iptables, etc. The first few days I worked here there seemed to be a server down every day. With this new architecture I hope that will be a thing of the past. Now all I need is a fancy pager …

Back to the grind

Since I’m no longer working at Care2 anymore, I’ll be spending some time working onsite for a company I used to work for. Other than scaling back on the hours I spend working the major difference is the fact that I’m now working in an office. You may ask why this is such a big deal. I’ll tell you why: I haven’t worked in an office for almost two years. There are things I need to get used to again: meetings, office politics, clocking in and out, nesting at my desk, and looking at my coworkers. It’s almost like culture shock.

Must … eat … soon …

I’ve been recovering rather quickly from my recent oral surgery. The doctor gave me a whole bottle of pain killers that I’ve barely touched. Today I was able to eat some solids, which was nice. However, I really need to sit down and eat a real meal. Yesterday I had a small apple sauce, a chicken wrap, and a sandwich … that was it … the entire day. My stomach is growling …

The Name Game

I was recently watching television and noticed something interesting. A man named David Fink is running for Congress. Does anything sound odd there? How could you not make out the irony in that name? Another good one is the name of the doctor who’s office I went to in order to have my wisdom teeth pulled. His name was Dr. Fear. Sometimes you have to wonder why people wouldn’t want to change their name under certain circumstances. Of course my last name is Stump and I’m 6’5”, which is odd as well. Of course my name doesn’t have any adverse affect on my career.

Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out. Many people have told me it isn’t a big deal, while others (including my girlfriend who has yet to get hers out) have told me that it will be a horrific experience. I’ve had teeth pulled before and it wasn’t that horrific, but they do put you under for this specific procedure. I think the part I’m more horrified about is the IV. I hate needles.

End of an Era

Due to ever expanding on campus responsibilities I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from work. I still love the whole crew over at Care2. For now I’ll be working very part time in the area to cover some bills and focusing on finishing school.