My First Week at Digg

The new sign at the Digg office

So I made it down to San Francisco in one piece. After spending a week in a hotel I’m now up in Concord, CA staying with Jeremy.

Tomorrow I start my second week at Digg. I can’t really talk about what’s going on or what I’m doing, but I’m surrounded by lots of geeky people and back in the thick of Silicon Valley, which is always interesting. As expected, things are exciting and there’s ton of potential everywhere.

One thing that will take some getting used to at Digg is that there are people who handle servers and such, which is new to me. At all my other jobs I was the PHP Developer/MySQL Administrator/Systems Administrator. At Digg I just say “Hey, Time, I need a DB.” or “Hey, Ron, can you upgrade GD?”

I don’t think I’ll be blogging about work very much as we have people who do that as well, but suffice it to say I’m excited about the job, city and possibilities.

How to tell if you have great friends

I've got great friends

Dana, being the man that he is, sent me a special package overnight. The contents of which can only be truly appreciated by eating said contents. He sent me California burritos from Ramiro’s in San Diego. For the uninitiated, California burritos are regular cheese/meat burritos with french fries added to them. When mixed with the hot sauce provided they provide an absolutely orgasmic mixture of cheese, meat, grease and spices. Thanks D!