Only the l0s3rs didn’t play with LEGOS growing up. Slashdot has this story about them, what makes this post worthy is the addition that Hemos puts on about building cities and then destroying them … ah fond memories. It make me want to build stuff out of LEGOS again.

Building a dream machine

A recent article on slashdot gave a link to CmdrTaco’s MAME Box. So what is a MAME box? Well in a nutshell it’s an arcade machine that runs an emulator on a PC allowing you to play thousands of games from ONE arcade machine. So I’ve been doing my research and I’m about ready to start buying the pieces. If you are interested in starting out I’d recommend checking out this search on Google. Here is the start of my MAME box page.

Corporate Smoozing

I consider myself a fairly in tune when it comes to business etiquette. However, I’m kind of old school in that I think that sometimes you can’t merely be “fuzzy-wuzzy” with business partners. Sometimes, like in most parts of life, you need to knock a few heads around and yell a little bit. Maybe I’m just an old soul … but I don’t care if people like me as long as the job gets done and the bottom line is looking good at the end of the day. I missed the business class that says your supposed to like who you work with.

Damn Iraq

When is Iraq going to learn that you can’t shoot at US/British planes patrolling the no-fly zones that were set up after we kicked their asses. Give it up. Of course, I’m of the school that thinks we should have taken out Sadam when we had the chance (brings up too many memories of another dictator we ignored).