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Cross Race Identification

If you are a fan of Law & Order you know that Cross Race Identification has been a part of a few episodes. I can see how I might be more efficient in identifying white people as opposed to asians or blacks. It appears the brain has an area that “lights up” with activity when it looks at a face, but not other parts. On patients looking at opposite races it didn’t “light up” quite as much. Incidentally it’s the same area that “lights up” when you look at something you are an expert in. This makes sense since I’d be an “expert” in identifying white people, since I interact with that race the most. I wonder if white people living in Harlem would react to blacks the same as they do to whites. The story is here.

Funky Day

Today was one of those days were you question your existence. Needless to say I’m in a funk and need to get out of Ypsi, but can’t until my car gets checked out. On a good note I did win $15 on an instant win ticket and got my refund check from Mr. Bush today.