Segway the Real Ginger?

There are a few stories now running in the press that the Segway that Kamen introduced to the world is not the Ginger of legend. There are some interesting facts including one person in the know, Robert Metcalfe, saying “Some months ago when speculation was running high, I said that Kamen’s It was more important than the Internet, but not as important as cold fusion, had cold fusion worked out. The It I was talking about, which I did not disclose, was NOT Segway. That’s all I can say.” So was the Segway something to divert attention or was it the real deal?

Moving to Canada

This weekend I read an article about making reparations to African Americans for the injustices of slavery. I have a few problems with this. Other than the obvious point that many Americans had nothing to do with this (my ancestors came over around the turn of the century), I have problems with how they want the money. Some want each and every African American to get a check, others want a trust fund set up. I say if one dollar goes towards such a settlement I’ll be moving. Since when does the US government not have soviernty?


I hate washing clothes. Doing the laundry is quite possibly the worst thing on earth to do. It’s time consuming, makes you hot and sweaty, fogs your glasses, and in the end your clothes come out wrinkled leading to more wasted time ironing them. I propose either a.) we create disposable clothing or b.) we make it fashionable to wear dirty clothing. Now that I think about it Kurt Cobain did make it somewhat fashionable to wear dirty clothing …

How much is too much?

A recent article at is asking the question, “How much is too much?” It is in regards to 9/11 TV coverage on the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Personally, I think each broadcasting company should decide ONE channel to host ONE ONE hour special marking the anniversary. This means that Disney, for instance, could only choose ABC to show a one hour special at one point. The Disney channel and all other subsidiary channels would not broadcast 9/11 anniversary specials.