Drivers Ed.

Today I was walking down the street when I came to a “Don’t Walk” sign with a car stopped at the green light. I looked at the green light then at the driver who seemed not to care about the green light. I shrugged my shoulders and walked across the stree. The passenger then asked me where “Traffic Court” was and I pointed to the country court building on the opposite corner. He said thanks and then the driver proceeded to turn left through the now red light. The irony here is just too much …

Hay Ride 2001

This year’s hay ride was the first for the Sig Taus since I rushed. About 15 or so couples took a short bus ride out to Grass Lake for a fire, a quick hay ride, and a little bit of drinking. All in all it was a great time – coulda been a little warmer though.

Damn Telemarketers

Now I know why my phone number was in the available pool – whomever had it first gave it up because so many telemarketers call it. On average I get about 5 calls a day from telemarketers. Doesn’t this seem a bit high to anyone? About time to get this . Any word on if this thing works?

New Book

I’m reading Up in the Air a book by Walter Kirn. It’s about a guy who wants to amass 1,000,000 frequent flier miles before he quits his job. I’m only 2 chapters in and I’ve laughed out loud about 20 times – so far a great read. In other news my home network is shaping up – more to come.

US responds to terror

Today the President of the United States authorized attacks against military and al Quaeda installations within the country of Afghanistan. I fully support this move and the humanitarian efforts that are taking place along side the military strikes. I’d like to point out this article. The quote near the bottom is from a 4th grade girl whose father is in the military – “As much as I don’t want my dad to fight I’m willing to give him to you.” The will shown by the American people is amazing, making me proud.