Ads on the internet

I know that advertising pays for a lot of what I read on the internet. I also know that flash sucks. I’d like to read content on many sites, however they serve flash ads, which cause mozilla to crash in a horrific ball of flames under Linux. My main question is this: Why can’t I choose the type of ads I view? I’d be MORE than happy to go in and set this feature – hell I’d even give the marketroids info on what I’d like to see if it meant I could choose the WAY I recieved those advertisements. In fact, I’d rather see annoying fast animated gifs than deal with killing moz every few webpages. ARGH!

Oustanding Site

This site is probably the best site I’ve been to in a long time. It has the same sticky web appeal that had/has. As a web developer I find this kind of stickiness amazing since web surfers are so finicky these days. The best part is seeing that 38% of the people coming to the site would rather see Bradd Pitt and Jennifer Aniston go at it than see God’s face.

Two gems while surfing

First I’d like to rant about these idiots. I’m using NS 4.72 under Linux – perfectly capable of viewing 99% of all the pages on the net. However, PC Corp tells me that I can’t view their page. Evidently I’m not special enough.

In other news I found the worst of qmail group at Yahoo! It’s an archive of “…the worst and most human posts on the qmail ( mailing list (personal attacks, slams, flames, insinuations, etc.).” The list doesn’t fail to deliver either. I can personally attest to the amount of flaming that happens on this list – in fact I resorted to trial and error rather than mail the list.

The real treasures of Slashdot

Hi. My name is Joe Stump and I’m a Slashdot comment troll. I admit it. I spend at least 20 minutes a day reading posts to stories that interest me. Why? Read on for more …

Slashdot comments make up the truly intelligent commentary that make Slashdot so popular. I have my settings so that I never read a comment below a ranking of 3 and must say that I read a LOT of good stuff. Some are informative, others are thought provoking, and a good majority are extremely funny.

My only question is why they aren’t exploited more. Maybe have a top 20 comments that I could browse through? Or promote journals more like Kuro5hin does. I dunno. It seems more could be done with this user added content.


Some would call what I have a weblog. Others would call it a journal. And many many have called it a pile o’ dog doo. Whatever you call it there is a SLEW of awesome sites that contain GREAT content. In fact many have found their way into my regular browsing habits. Some I check before I check the news because I KNOW their commentary will be MUCH better than many of the idiots writing the new nowadays. Read on for a list of great sites.

Here are the sites I visit – in no particular order …

  • – Intelligent commentary, never a dull link, and a dab of paranoia
  • Camworld – almost daily posts with at LEAST 3 interesting links. A big bonus for the LARGE list of interesting weblogs on the site.
  • Stephen VanDyke – Currently being redone so the posts are far and few between, but it’s one of the few sites I can consistently go to and laugh out loud at.
  • Now This – I just recently found this astonishing page. Tons if interesting commentary, daily posts, and other goodies.

Feel free to post links to other interesting places on the net 🙂