Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I’ve got a few upcoming speaking engagements. If you’re going to be at either of the following events please let me know and we can meet up for drinks or whatever.

  • I’m going to be giving a workshop at FOWA in Miami titled Improving the Performance of Your Web App on Feb 28th.
  • I’ll be speaking at the MySQL Conference in April in Santa Clara, CA. My talk will be a short 45 minute tutorial on “Services Oriented Architecture with PHP and MySQL“. I’ll be covering how to make parallel and asynchronous data requests over HTTP. Code samples, best practices, etc.
  • I’ll be on a panel at SXSW titled “Considerations for Scalabale Web Ventures” with Cal Henderson of Flickr, Chris Lea of Media Temple and Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. It’ll be moderated by Digg’s own Kevin Rose. We’ll talk about caching, scaling out, best practices, etc.