Two Hicks Escape the Law

Once again I’ve been let down by the media here in the US. As exhibit A I’m introducing the photo to your left. Significant air time and large portions of papers and websites are devoted to these two idiots. Why? Because they managed to escape in a hail of gunfire. That’s it. I’m sure tons of prisoners escape jail each year in some way or another.

But what about the guard they killed? Ah, yes, another dull tool in the shed. You see, it’s mandatory protocol for guards to wear bullet proof vests. You see, Guard Wayne “Cotton” Morgan wasn’t following protocol when he was shot in the belly. In fact, both guards weren’t wearing their bullet proof vests. I’m not sure about you, but if I worked in law enforcement I’d be wearing my bullet proof vest at all times, including when I was in the doughnut shop ordering coffee.

So, when you look back at the “Big News Events” of 2005 you can think about all the time wasted on some drunk girl going missing and these two redneck hick idiots. Just look at that picture and think to yourself, “Wow, I wasted time reading about these retards.” I mean they didn’t even put up a fight when they were captured. They shot up a parking lot, meticulously planned the escape (including multiple escape vehicles), killed a guard and then just said “Ah, screw it, I give up.”?

Meanwhile, we’re fast approaching 2,000 casualties in Iraq and there are rumblings between the US and Iran. Rove knowingly outed an undercover CIA operative. Bush extended daylight savings breaking most of those expensive electronic toys you own. And, to top it all off, I have to put up with news about these two retards every time I open

BoingBoing Black Listed

Welcome to the “I almost care” category, which my second category in as many weeks. The other new category being “Libertarianism”. Now, on to something I almost care about. was blacklisted by some “censorware” site. Sites get blacklisted by being offensive, of an adult nature or “inappropriate” for some reason or another.

I’m not shocked that BoingBoing was blacklisted. They have, after all, ran advertising prominently on their site for Suicide Girls, which is an adult website features naked women. Not to mention the plethora of other links and articles they post that, in some way or another, feature the naked human form, drug paraphernalia, etc. What shocks me is that BoingBoing was surprised they were blacklisted.

Could they be more holy? If you want to be taken seriously as a “journalist” or whatever the hell bloggers want to be called these days, then quit posting pictures of pierced and tattooed naked women on your site. And, for the love of God, please don’t act surprised when you find out someone doesn’t want their kid browsing said site.

Another cute, rich, blonde girl abducted

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably have heard about some girl from Alabama going missing in Aruba. Another awesome example of mainstream media’s horrific slide into oblivion. Have you noticed the media has been telling us for about the last five years that unless you’re pretty, white and rich they could care less if you’re missing, unless of course rape, incest or molestation is involved.

I had a conversation with my mother about this girl a few days ago and I told her I could care less about this. I know, it’s horrible of me to say that, but the way I see it the girl brought whatever her fate ends up being on herself. Here are the facts of the story.

  1. She went to a foreign country with 100 of her school friends on an unsanctioned “Senior Trip” with seven chaperones.
  2. She went to a bar with a few of her friends and met three guys.
  3. She left the bar at 1:30AM with three total strangers in a foreign country.
  4. Nobody there, her friends or the “chaperones”, apparently thought this might be a bad idea.

How does this make this girl sympathetic? Personally, it looks like Darwin is thinning the herd on this one. If you’re a pretty American girl in a foreign country and you leave a bar, possibly intoxicated, with three total strangers who are all men, then you’re just asking for trouble. Especially when you’re only 5’4” and 110lbs. From where I’m standing this girl had every chance in the world to avoid her fate, but didn’t.