Retooled, Refurbished and Redesigned

As you might have noticed I launched a completely redesigned website. This design is about a week in the making. It took a whole lot of CSS love, learning how to layout stuff using XHTML and a little coding to add and shift features as needed. I hope that you’ll find the many new features and the new design both easier to look at and easier to use. Below are is a list of things that have been changed, added or removed.

  1. This design works great in Internet Explorer on Windows, Mozilla, Firebird and Safari. This design, however, is most likely broken in Internet Explorer under OS X (and earlier) and early versions of Netscape.
  2. This design uses almost four times as much CSS as it does HTML, which I find kind of funny. The design uses absolutely no tables, which I’m quite proud of.
  3. I’ve added a comprehensive archives section and the ability to trackback my entries.
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer then you’re viewing a slightly less beautiful site than you would if you were to use Mozilla or Safari. Upgrade your browser because it doesn’t support alpha blending PNG’s nor does it have the best CSS support.

As one can expect I have a few people that I should thank for tips, ideas and contributions.

  1. I’d like to thank Dan Cederholm from for the great icons. It was the best $45 I ever spent.
  2. Cameron Barrett gave me tons of tips on CSS, Photoshop and where to find tiles.
  3. Jason Kottke to whom I used as a somewhat guide to my redesign. I also use his Silkscreen font extensively.
  4. A List Apart for providing me with some CSS knowledge from some of the best in the industry.
  5. Jeremy Brand for providing the utility image_create.php, which allows me to create images based on Kottke’s TTF font on the fly.

Per Jeremy’s request, I have posted screen shots of my site in Mozilla, Safari and IE for Windows XP.

  1. Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1
  2. Safari 1.2.2
  3. Internet Explorer 6.0 (under Windows XP)

If you look closely the IE version uses GIF images for the header stuff, which makes for a somewhat pixelated version of the website. Layout-wise, font-wise and over all feel remain the same across all major browsers, which is a good thing. Though I won’t speak for older versions of Netscape, the current version of IE on Mac or any version of Opera.

For those of you wondering, yes that is me in the upper right corner. All of the icons are © Dan Cederholm – so no you can’t have them. The rest of the images, content, CSS, code, etc. are all © Joe Stump.

CERT and Dept. of Homeland Security issue IE warnings

anti-IE campaign logo
It looks like the tide is finally turning against Microsoft’s browser IE. Both CERT and the Department of Homeland Security have issued warnings to users to NOT use Microsofts Internet Explorer web browser. The reason? Other than being a pile of donkey crap that hasn’t been updated in over a year, it has numerous serious security flaws that Microsoft has yet to fix.

Users should find and download a replacement browser as soon as possible. Most Apple users out there probably use Safari, but Windows users do not despair! You can download Mozilla, which is a great browser that is, for the most part, immune to the virus attacks that IE is. It’s also updated frequently with new features, bug fixes, etc.

Help fight terrorism! Don’t use Internet Explorer!

Cosby tells his homies to get up out his grill

Comedian Bill Cosby has been speaking out lately with some harsh words for his fellow African Americans. He hits some really touchy issues that we, as white Americans, can’t even approach.

“Let me tell you something, your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day, it’s cursing and calling each other n—— as they’re walking up and down the street,” Cosby said during an appearance at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund’s annual conference.

“They think they’re hip,” the entertainer said. “They can’t read; they can’t write. They’re laughing and giggling, and they’re going nowhere.”

In a rare turn of events, Jesse Jackson actually agreed with someone.

“Bill is saying let’s fight the right fight, let’s level the playing field,” Jackson said. “Drunk people can’t do that. Illiterate people can’t do that.”

Well said.