Jesus H. Christ

I’ve officially seen it all. This internet panhandling thing has gone too far: A girl is trying to get money to buy breast implants. Though it doesn’t seem as though it’s as successful as Karyn’s panhandling it has been getting press.

In other news I’ve been drooling over these two cold cast statues of Jay and Silent Bob. If you have a spare $180.00 that you’re itching to spend email me so you can send me the statues.

Lauren and I take the plunge

After getting prior approval from Lauren’s parents, we’ve made the decision to move in together. This is a pretty big deal for the both of us. We’re going to look at a few apartments tomorrow. My only requirement is high speed internet. Lauren, on the other hand, is a little more picky. I just hope she won’t complain, like my mom used to, about my dirty underwear on the floor.

MacWorld and Classes

I watched the whole MacWorld keynote on TV today and all I can say is “wow”. I desperately want one of the new smaller TI Books. I’ve been looking for various items I can sell on ebay to raise the necessary funds. I think you can live on only one kidney, but I heard the market is down on black market organs. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to find a more legal way to fund my purchase.

In other news classes started today, which means I’m officially in the market for a labotomy. My Oracle class is going to be mind numbing to put it lightly. This combined with Art Appreciation will most likely result in suicidal tendencies for most of the semester. I just can’t wait for classes to be over and for me to graduate for good.


I’ve been doing some research on WAP and WML. While searching on how to create WBMP image files I ran across a story, written in 2000, that predicted more than half of all web content would be viewed from wireless devices. Here we are in the beginning of 2003 and I’ve still yet to use WAP for anything more than looking up movie times.

Since I recently purchased a chatboard for my T68i I have become interested in programming my own WAP applications. Mainly so I can read my IMAP email and post to this blog from the road at anytime. While figuring out how to do this I found this superb primer on building interactive WAP applications. When I get things working I’ll be sure to let everyone know. I’d have to believe the blog community would be very interested in being able to blog from their cell phones.

Apple Rumors

As you all know I’ve been pondering purchasing a new iPod, but have yet to take the plunge.

The time might be upon me now. Recent rumors tell of a new video enabled iPod. Rumors range from a color screen with MPEG4 support to merely a portable set top player. Either of which would be undeniably cool.

Huh, Wha?

Last night was a blast. We spent time having a few beers at one of Lauren’s sister’s apartments and then finished the night at a local dueling piano bar. A great night overall ending in an alcohol induced slumber.

Then at exactly 9:26am the phone rings. Groggily, I pick up the phone. Heeellloooo? It was my boss. The database server was wigging out. I end up strolling in an hour later and fixing the problem. Needless to say I’m pretty tired now.

Look Ma I modified my source!

In true Open Source tradition I found a program that did *almost* what I wanted and modified the source to do what I wanted. Once I had it working I submitted the patch to the maintainer.

The program is called BlackHole and does AV and SPAM checking. I use SpamAssassin for SPAM protection so my main focus was AV. BlackHole was made to work with Qmail, but because of my setup I needed it to output to STDOUT. It currently only wrote to Maildir and mbox. With a little modification I soon had it working. Hopefully, someone actually finds it useful.

Year in Review

Following Paul‘s lead I’m doing a quick year in review. This has been a great year for me overall. I met the girl of my dreams, was elected president of my fraternity, was elected IFC president, quit Care2, and started working at ACI.

I changed the format of this blog a few times. I’ve grown immensely as an individual. My goals haven’t changed much; world domination is still in the cards. Hope everyone else’s year was good as well.