Breaking the silence

It is with a great amount of sadness that I am announcing that Lauren and I are ending our marriage. In early September Lauren moved out of our condo in Seattle into her own apartment. I’m not going to go into specifics as it’s a rather personal matter. What I can say is that the split is amicable and that we are still on speaking terms.

So what now? Well, once the legalities are finished Lauren will no doubt get her CPA and go on to be highly successful. I, on the other hand, will continue to work at Enotes, live in Seattle and continue with my plans for world domination. You’re probably wondering what the hell I’ve been doing for the last few months as well. In no particular order …

  1. With Lauren gone and an empty room in the condo collecting dust I put up an ad on craigslist for a roommate. I had a few responses, all females oddly enough, and ended up with a crazy girl from New Zealand who will be known on this site as Kiwi. All is going well and she’s even been nice enough to put up with my current bathroom renovations.
  2. I bought a LandRover Discovery Series II for snowboarding and trips to Home Depot.
  3. John and I have been spending a day each weekend snowboarding at Crystal Mountain in Washington.
  4. In early December I went to Las Vegas for one of my fraternity brother’s bachelor parties. Don’t ask for details as they’re quite hazy.
  5. For Christmas I flew home to Michigan to surprise my mom for Christmas. Needless to say she was rather shocked to come home one day and find me sitting in the living room. I miss good home cooking.
  6. For New Year’s I went over to Brad’s place for food, good beer and great conversation. As usual it was a great time.
  7. My current project is renovating my bathroom. I’m done with the tiling for the most part. Pictures will ensue.

My plans now are to focus on me for a while. I’m going to do some traveling, finish working on my condo and set up the entertainment system I’ve been slowly putting together for the last month or so.

Life will go on.

8 thoughts on “Breaking the silence

  1. I’m sorry to hear that Joe, glad that is amicable though. I have a friend that divorced about a year ago and they still remain friends. Sometimes people just go seperate ways.

    I’ve lurked your site for awhile now and just thought I’d say hi.

  2. Woah, Woah, Woah! What about:

    1a. Dana introduces your single ass to

    1b. As your bro, Dana books an emergency flight to Seattle and having never been there before, had more club hookups than you 😉 We subsequently spent a whole weekend partying ourselves (Joe, Dana, John, & Kiwi) into oblivion… YAY! (I think)

    8. Joe flies to San Diego to return the favor (or retaliate?) from 1b, then cordially accept the Vito challenge. In between that we will be eating California burritos, hanging at the beach, and checking out the goodies my neighbor got from the friendly local Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary today. 🙂

  3. 1.) Dana is right. He represented in style when he found out about the whole situation. He was on the first flight up and did his best to make me forget all about what was going on (and did a damn good job doing so).

    2.) Dana, what have I said about drinking and then posting comments on my site? 😉

  4. Joe, what can I say. If it weren’t for the internet, not only would I have no idea you & Lauren split, but I wouldn’t even know you at all. Let’s not forget that it was Lauren who steered you to my little place on the web several years ago. Who knew that we’d end up email and AIM pals, and have more in common than we could have imagined.

    Who knew you guys would end up divorced.

    It saddened me to hear about your separation, but from what I can tell you are moving on with grace and style. Best of luck in 2006, to you, and to Lauren too.

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