Wishes do come true

Every so often something happens that almost makes me believe that a God exists. Today that thing is the fact that you idiots out there finally woke up and voted John Stevens off of the show. Now, if we could only get Jennifer Hudson back we’d be all set for the “All Diva Showdown”, which is how things should have been. Of course, this should not be a shock to any of you. It is a well documented fact that I think John Stevens sucks. Now if I could only get  Diana DeGarmo voted off we’d be all set. 

UPDATE: It looks like I’m not the only one who has wondered why John Stevens has made it this far. Here is a whole thread about how bad he is. Of course, you can Google for more people who share my opinion. Also, I’m going to use this update to remind you that, while I think John Stevens is a good person, I do not think one could say he is a good singer. Please note the difference as this is a talent contest, note a good person contest. See the comments in this post for people who disagree and agree with me.

6 thoughts on “Wishes do come true

  1. so john isnt the greatest singer, he’s an amazing person. if he put out a swing album rite now, i would buy it and i know alot of other people who would to. maybe he just doesnt appeal to you but he doesnt suck. and diana degarmo is such a good singer. you’ll have to wait a long time before she gets voted off

  2. whoa i just looked at your pic and noticed your age. how can a person your age be so cruel to a 16 year old? im seriously appaled.

  3. Basicly beacuse john stevens although he is 16 sucks. If you looked at his face when jennifer was kicked off, you could clearly see he was in a state of shock. Why was he in shock?
    1.) he cant stay in tune for a whole song.
    2.) Sad to say it but its a pop star show, not who wants to be the next vegas lounge singer.

  4. It’s pretty easy to say JS sucks, because he does. On Tuesday night he showed again how much he stinks. As for the swing album, that went out about 6 years ago or so.

    I agree Diana DeGarmo is a great singer with a lot of talent, but I think she is a fake and extremely annoying. Just like I think JS is probably the nicest guy on the planet, but to say he’s better than Jennifer Hudson is just insane.

  5. Why do u have to be soo hard on an 16 year old he doesnt suck why do you have to be soo cold..i bet you he sings way better than you. If he were to release an album id most definetely buy it..youre too low..

  6. Joe is stating his OPINION…. on HIS website. If you people don’t like it, don’t read it. I am sure a lot of people sing way better than Joe, but he doesn’t claim to be any good by getting on stage week after week annoying millions of viewers. And by the way, JS SUCKS!!!!!

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