Cameron and Damien try out for The Amazing Race

Geek friend and fellow blogger (God, did I call myself a blogger?), Cameron Barrett and his identical twin brother, Damien, are trying out for The Amazing Race.

This is one of Lauren and my favorite TV shows. Last year with Rob and Amber was simply some of the most exciting and entertaining TV I’ve seen. Cameron is the type of guy whose mind travels at about 15,000,000 miles a minute even if he’s not saying anything. I wouldn’t even know what to expect if they were to get on the show. But, you can definitely expect that Cameron will have a zany idea or ten and he’ll be moblogging like nobody else on the planet ever has.

Pass this on and blog about it. You can read more about it on Damien’s blog: Help Us Get on The Amazing Race.

Keeping it real

I was reading a story about the final staff announcer at NBC when I read this amazingly funny quote. The guy has been working for NBC for 62 years!

When he started, WRGB-TV didn’t have a regular schedule.

“The TV station went on the air whenever we pleased,” he said. “Somebody would get on the phone and call the 200 or 300 people who had sets and tell them to turn on their TVs.”

They CALLED you when they were going on the air. How classic is that? I’ll someday have a conversation with some young person telling them how I had to turn the antenna to the appropriate N/S/E/W coordinates depending on which channel I wanted to watch and which direction that station was relative to my position.

American Idol Finalists

I’m going to pick out my finalists for American Idol. You guys aren’t going to like it, but I think Mikalah Gordon is going to make it into the finals. Her nasty ass implants (pick a part and she’s most likely had it stitched) and equally craptastic voice will keep her out of the top 6 for sure. So who else makes it?

Anwar Robinson and Bo Brice are my top picks from the guys. Anwar is, to put it simply, amazing. Hopefully, he isn’t another La Toya London (who, in my not-so-humble opinion, should have won Season 3. What the hell were you thinking, America?!?!). As for the girls, well, they suck. Nadia Turner and, possibly, Carrie Underwood are the only girls who can compete with the guys. For fun you can throw in Jessica Sierra.

So who gets voted off this week? Well, I’m not sure, but I TiVo’d it so we will see tomorrow. However, is it too much to ask Janay Castine be voted off (and possibly put out of her misery)?

Girls are teh sux on American Idol

I’m wondering if this week we can vote off 4 girls and leave the guys alone. The girls are clearly the underdogs this year when compared to the guys. The guys have better voices, put on better performances and, overall, appear to be much more seasoned performers.

Bo Brice, as of now, is the man. His performance from Monday rocked the house. As for the girls, I’d say that the very best of them rank in the middle of the pack when compared with the guys. Lauren, I know, is rooting for Nikko. I like him, Anwan and Bo as of now.

American Idol Finalists

Well, the finalists are here. And, being the AI basher I am, I thought you all would love to know how much I hate a few of the finalists. Yes, I hate them already. Don’t want to hear what I have to say? Why the hell are you here, this is a blog for God’s sake!

  1. Anthony Fedorov – Say hello to the new Clay Aiken. He’s skinny, dorky and wears glasses. He’ll go far, why I don’t know.
  2. Mikalah Gordon – Holy crap who the hell is this walking pile of cheerleader? From what I can tell she’s pretty much the pinnacle of every high school age girl’s hatred of what is so wrong with high school life today. Also, how many 16 year olds do you know that have a tattoo, what appears to be collagen filled lips and says that now that she’s going to Hollywood she can buy her mom those boobs she’s been wanting. If they had a phone line you could call in to specifically vote against a person I’d buy a Cingular 5-person family plan to power vote against this walking ball of hot air.
  3. Scott Savol – He’s a big man with a big voice. I like him for a couple of reasons. One, he’s got a great voice and, two, he’s not here to be cute and be a team player. He knows this is a competition and wants to win, however, that usually doesn’t translate well come voting time.

It’s also interesting that eight of the final 24 finalists are over the age of 25. If the prime demographic looked more like me rather than a 14 year old girl chewing bubble gum we might actually have a winner who wasn’t a complete idiot.

American Idol Season 4

Well this season of American Idol is officially under way. Complete the usual arguments between Simon and Paula, horrific singers and plenty of “Ya Dog!”‘s. We’re just now getting to Hollywood after a few weeks of trials across the country.

My friend Josh’s little sister tried out and almost made it to the round where they send you to Simon and crew, but missed out when she was asked to perform something random on the spot (I can’t sing worth a damn so I consider showing up and trying out a feat in itself). Which leads me to believe two things:

  1. Simon, Paula and Randy do not judge everyone that comes in the door.
  2. The producers (who are the second round from my understanding) push people on to Simon, Paula and Randy who suck ass simply so Simon will rip them a new one.

Since Clay, no season would be complete without a wannabe. I, personally, think Clay is a complete duche. The wholesale cutesie image that he’s pushing is such a pile of steaming crap it hurts. At any rate, the new Clay is that skinny little blonde kid who “overcame amazing odds” after having some procedure done as a kid that was supposed to leave him without his voice. Unfortunately, we weren’t that lucky. Can he sing? Yeah, he can, but he’s not the best in this crowd. And how can you be a pop icon if you’re 5’5” and weigh 120lbs?

At this time I have no favorites. I’ll refrain from pushing my own agenda until we’re on to the final 24 or whatever it is. Oh, and would you guys PLEASE quit posting to those old ass Idol posts from last year?

America did it again

Americans have reached an all time low in retardation. They voted Latoya London off of the show last night. Latoya was clearly the best singer on the show. Diana is coming into her own, though I still think she’s annoying as hell. But, rest assured Latoya will have a CD and, I believe, it will fare better than anyone who wins. Disgusting is really the only way to put it. This show has made me realize that most of the people that surround me in this great nation are idiots. Well, the show and all those naked pictures of Iraqi prisoners being forced to fondle themselves that no one seems to care about.

John Stevens Fan Mail

It seems my recent postings about my aggrevation involving John Stevens from American Idol upset a few of my readers out there. Instead of replying to all of the messages/email I received over the two posts individually I figured I’d make a single rebuttal here. First let’s look over some of the better ones.

“with (sic) all that is going on in this world today, I just don’t understand how someone can have so much hate. John Stevens seems like a great kid and even though he maybe wasn’t cutout (sic) for THIS competition, he does have talent and can sing. He is just a kid you guys. Give him a break.” (Posted by lisa Garrison on Apr 29, 2004 at 05:43 EDT)

“Talk about an asshole have you looked in the mirror lately? He might not have the best voice on the show, but his personality is one of the better ones, which is more than I can say about yours. You hide behind a website. We can’t even see your face, too ugly is it? And did it ever occur to you that this is only a reality tv show, what is up with you?” (Posted by Jill on May 2, 2004 at 07:54 EDT)

“so (sic) john (sic) isnt (sic) the greatest singer, he’s an amazing person. if (sic) he put out a swing album rite (sic) now, i (sic) would buy it and i (sic) know alot (sic) of other people who would to. maybe (sic) he just doesnt (sic) appeal to you but he doesnt (sic) suck. and diana degarmo (sic) is such a good singer. you’ll (sic) have to wait a long time before she gets voted off” (Posted by Anita on Apr 28, 2004 at 10:01 EDT)

“I just wanted to express my opinions about your site and your john stevens (sic) bashing views. I would hope that you would keep in mind that this young man was only 16. He had the balls to go in front of God and everybody to do what he likes to do. He took criticism with an open mind, which you might want to have too.” (Email from Tiffany)

First off, I didn’t know any girls except my Mom and fiancee read this site. For that matter I didn’t know anyone read this site, though  I do get a whopping 100 hits or so a day (Google here I come!). At any rate here is my rebuttal(s) in a nice easy-to-digest format.

  1. For the last time: not once did I say John Stevens was a bad person in *any* of my posts. Go ahead and look them over again … (waiting for you to look them over) … see! Not a single mention that John is a bad person. In fact, I think he’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve never met personally.
  2. Having said the above, I’d like to point out that his singing talent is both underdeveloped and singulary. He’s only truly good at singing Rat Pack type songs. As I’ve said to others who watch this show; he’d have won if this was American Idol 1955, but it’s not. He consistently garnered unfavorable reviews when singing any other type of music and, in fact, barely got good reviews when it was his genre of music.
  3. I completely agree that John took every thrashing from the Judges like a man and with a great attitude (Who wouldn’t? He’s having the time of his life for sure). Simon said this much during his last review.
  4. I’m not an asshole for expressing my opinion on his lack of singing abilities. By attacking me personally you make yourselves no better than what you say I am.
  5. You can view my pictures online in the section at the top of this page clearly marked “photos”.

At any rate, there is/are my argument(s). Thank you to all who responded. I think it’s funny that I regularily blog about hot topics such as gay rights and the war in Iraq without so much as a peep from my readers (all 10 of you), but when I say a guy sucks at singing the whole damn site lights up. Odd.

Note: (sic) means “Thus; so. Used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally.”

Wishes do come true

Every so often something happens that almost makes me believe that a God exists. Today that thing is the fact that you idiots out there finally woke up and voted John Stevens off of the show. Now, if we could only get Jennifer Hudson back we’d be all set for the “All Diva Showdown”, which is how things should have been. Of course, this should not be a shock to any of you. It is a well documented fact that I think John Stevens sucks. Now if I could only get  Diana DeGarmo voted off we’d be all set. 

UPDATE: It looks like I’m not the only one who has wondered why John Stevens has made it this far. Here is a whole thread about how bad he is. Of course, you can Google for more people who share my opinion. Also, I’m going to use this update to remind you that, while I think John Stevens is a good person, I do not think one could say he is a good singer. Please note the difference as this is a talent contest, note a good person contest. See the comments in this post for people who disagree and agree with me.

I hate you for voting for John Stevens

I can’t even describe how much I hate all of you assholes who keep voting for John Stevens on American Idol. It’s clear that he completely sucks. The best comment he’s been able to garner from the judges is that he’s a nice kid. The top three singers were in the bottom three the other night. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING POPULARITY CONTEST PEOPLE! Vote for the person with the best voice.

It looks like I’m not the only one who feels this way. I do think, though, that the “Three Divas” could have been splitting votes. What I liked best about the results show was that John Stevens clearly looked shocked that he was in the top three. He KNOWS he sucks! So, back to the topic, YOU SUCK FOR VOTING FOR HIM!