Operation Fat Ass: Month 1

As you all know I’ve been in a covert operation to lose weight. After speaking with the marketing personnel about possible uplifting and inspiring names I’ve decided to call this endeavor Operation Fat Ass. The Bushies would be proud. At any rate my diet progress is coming along. When Lauren and I weighed in at the beginning of our journey on December 29th of 2003 I was a rather hefty 257lbs. That put my BMI at about 30.5. According to that site my target weight is between 160 and 210. Talk about a wide range. My target weight when starting Operation Fat Ass was to get down to 220. Other goals included eating better, working out and, possibly, putting no some muscle mass. The following is a detailed breakdown of the last four weeks of my program. I only have four weeks because I only recently started using a workout log.

Exercise Week 1 Week 4 Increase
Leg Press 180lbs 250lbs 39%
Leg Curl 100lbs 140lbs 40%
Calf Raise 70lbs 135lbs 93%
Flat Bench 155lbs 165lbs 6.5%
Inclined Dumbell 40lbs 55lbs 37%
Dumbell Curl 20lbs 35lbs 75%
Tri Straight 55lbs 70lbs 27%
Tri Rope 40lbs 55lbs 37%

In addition to the above gains I’ve spent 2.5 hours on the bike (about 31 miles) and 1.7 hours on the treadmill (about 8 miles). I work out three days a week spending about 25 minutes on cardio and the rest with weights.

On to the weight loss. This morning I weighed in at 239lbs, which makes for a total of 18lbs in 7 weeks. The first 10lbs came off in about a week. The last 4 have been extremely stubborn and I only expect it to get tougher. The results, I’m sure, are skewed because of my weight lifting is most definitely putting on muscle. I know this because not only am I making steady gains in my workout, but my pants now fall off when I walk. I also fit into a pair of jeans that is two inches smaller than my normal pair with room to spare now. Not included in my workout logs is the fact that I spend 40 minutes every Sunday banging around “down low” with a bunch of high school hasbeens in a local rec basketball league. It’s a good time. Actually, it’s really fun now that I don’t die of lack of oxygen after each game.

Yup, Operation Fat Ass is in full swing. I plan on sticking with my current workout regime for another month, maybe two and then migrating to a more focused four day workout. The four day workout will allow me to more carefully pinpoint muscle groups as well as give me an excuse to do cardio more often. I’ll try and update once a month. Oh, and I’m taking pictures. Those may or may not find their way onto the site.

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