Quit passing the buck!

I’m sick and tired of the President passing the buck, so to speak. It’s never his fault. He seems to think that no matter what he says he can always blame on someone else. Probably the most widely publicized episode is the whole Iraq/WMD debacle, which the White House is blaming entirely on the intelligence community. Now, the White House is backtracking on the claim the President made earlier about 2.6 million jobs being added to the economy by the end of the year.

┬áHe quoted Bush as saying, “I’m not a statistician. I’m not a predictor.”

The White House went on to say that the numbers were the work of “number-crunchers” (the numbers coming from an official White House report on the economy). My problem with this is that there seems to be no firewall between reports/briefs/speeches created in the White House and the general public. It’s just all thrown out there. Anything that is found out to be bullshit later is merely blamed on someone lower in the chain of command. YOU’RE THE PRESIDENT FOR PETE’S SAKE! STAND UP AN BE A LEADER! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

I am just plain sick of GWB, Cheney, Rumsey and the rest of the stupid white men running this country passing the buck. Why doesn’t anyone else out there care about this? As an elected LEADER you are supposed to take responsibility for those working below you. You are supposed to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly. Evidently, the true definition of leadership has escaped this White House – actually I think it was replaced with a hybrid definition for “rape” and “pillage”. Disgusting.

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