GM Kills EV

General Motors has decided to pull its electric cars from the market in California. What I find so sad about this situation is that it seems no one cares about clean air. All of you idiots out there driving around in huge SUV’s (someone please validate why they need a Ford Excursion) are ruining the air for the rest of us.

I may not go so far as to say you’re supporting terrorism, but I will say that you are supporting the destruction of our air and water supplies. Call me a tree hugging hippy, but when your grandchildren miss school because of air quality (as they already do in Mexico City) you have no one to blame but yourself.

What is it with America’s psychology? Despite being 5% of the world’s population we generate 40% of its waste. The average human produces a whopping 1,400 pounds (that’s almost a ton) of waste each year.

Here’s another interesting fact. Oil consumption between 1978 and 1983 went down in the US due to more oil efficient cars hitting the street. That figure is now increasing since the introduction of SUV’s.

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