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Because the site I work on is used in numerous types of browsers, setups, and configurations I need to make sure that it, at least, works in 800×600 resolution. The problem? I run 1280×1024 on my workstation. So I made a background image for my desktop with a 800×600 overlay on it so I can quickly snapy my browser window to 800×600 for debugging. You can grab it here.

In other news my phone is smarter than me. It has the game Othello on it, which I’ve been addicted to since we got it for Nintendo (yes, Nintendo – we were real gamers back in the day playing on 8 bit systems). I have been playing it on Very Easy and Easy, but recently it’s become boring so I decided to make the move to Medium. Since then I haven’t won once. Actually, I’ve mostly be getting stomped. I wouldn’t care so much if this were a random card game, but the reality is it’s a strategic game much like chess. The thought of the phone whipping my ass is only more sobering after one realizes there are two MORE levels: Hard and Very Hard. *Sigh*

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