Disc Golf

Many of you may not know that I hold two odd sports in high regards: Disc Golf, and Badminton. Yeah, I used to play basketball, but the reality is that I’m too damn lazy to run up and down a 100ft. court anymore.

I finally got out to play some DG this year. I’ve only been able to get in two rounds at Rolling Hills, but they’ve been good rounds. For some reason I’ve been driving decently and my putting has been on, which, for those of you who have played with me, is odd.

In other personal news I’ve just been working on finishing up school. I recently swore in the new President of IFC so I’m finally done with that (yay! no more committee meetings!). We’ll be launching the new version of our website at work on April 16th. Finally, I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to graduatting and having the rest of my life free of homework.

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