It's official: America Sucks

I finally got around to seeing Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine today. I’m speechless. Combine the content of this movie with Against Empire, Shrub: The short, but happy political life of George W. Bush, and Stupid White Men makes for a sobering realization: America really does suck!

Horrific foreign policy that has seen us support murderous dictators such as General Agusto Pinochet and Saddam Hussein. Black Americans earned 61% less than white Americans, which, incidently, is the same earning rate recorded in 1880 (no that’s not a typo). We kill over 10,000 of our neighbors each year with guns, while Japan kills about 60 (remember the Japanese bring us Mortal Combat and the crazy Anime). The richest 1 percent of the country is making 157 percent more than they were in 1979, while those Americans in the bottom 20% are actually making $100 less per year (adjusted for inflation). To top it off we have a President who has threatened to shut down the White House AIDS office, denied college aid to drug offenders (murderers are still eligable), despite being a drug abuser himself, and cut $39 million in aid to libraries.

Yup, it’s a great time to live in America. We’re a bunch of peace loving, caring people aren’t we? If you are as mad as I am please contact your Senator or Representative.

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