Irony at its best

I have a two friends, in particular, who basically said “STFU” about my recent bashings of America. One made the argument I was against giving the Iraqi people the same freedoms I have to which I have a few responses.

If you are so much for these said freedoms, which 38% of Americans favor limiting, then why are you against allowing me my expression of said freedoms? I think America, on paper, is the greatest nation on earth, but in practice sucks.

People often misconstrue my critical stance of the US government as unpatriotic when in fact I’m fulfilling my patriotic duty to do just that. When they ask why I am critical I ask them why they aren’t in the face of such mounting evidence. I say shame on them for not being critical of their government. Our nation was founded by dissenters who were scared to death of government, which is why I’m so worried that the majority of Americans placate to the federal government now.

I’m not against dethroning Saddam. I’ve said it many times before that he’s dangerous and, in the interest of peace in the Middle East, something should be done. But that something should include unilateral support, solid evidence presented to the United Nations (or at least the American people), and a valid declaration of war.

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