Newsflash you're growing up

I’ve noticed some drastic changes happening in my life recently. For starters I’m hagning out with “the guys” less and less and hanging out with Lo more and more. Why? Mainly because beer pong and talking about recent dates isn’t something I live for anymore. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the friends I used to hang out with all the time are changin as well. We used to talk about beer, girls, TV, computers, etc. and crack jokes about everything. Now we come home from work tired and cranky with distorted views of the world. I’m starting a company and talking about business models, business plans, loans, merchant accounts, etc. Who in their right mind wants to play beer pong and talk about their recent frustrations with Bush’s plan for the economy?

Within one circle of friends this trend is becoming alarmingly apparent. A long tradition within this circle was “bros before hoes”. Being a more recent addition to the circle I’m able to play a more objective role in this whole debate.

A little background: The circle is made up of two smaller circles one each revolving around a younger and older brother. The older brother is conservative and has always maintained long standing relationships. The younger has a flare and maintains his bachelorhood like oxygen. All of the older brother’s friends, for the most part, have no direction in life, and to small extend are a little jealous that the older brother is the only one who “got out.” The younger brother’s friends are all at college and working their way through $1.50 pitchers and various courses. With the older brother recently becoming engaged I think it’s causing an unrepairable riff between within the greater circle.

I’m no class warrior, but the truth is when the brothers come home from work and talk about 401k, configuring highly available networks, etc. they aren’t going to be interested in what new flavor crust the old school friend is now serving up at the local pizza place.

The truth is we grow old, we change, and we grow apart. What we should realize is that this isn’t a horrible thing: cherish the time you had together and move on to exciting new things. Or, a more cynical approach, in the famous words of Dennis Leary, “Life sucks get a fucking helmet!”

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