Damn frustrations

I’m a big guy. 6’5” and about 240 to be exact. I often joke with Lo and tell her I’m a “petite little flower.” I sit right on the edge of either shopping at the “normal” stores or being banished to shopping at the big n’ tall stores. However I didn’t know that the average male waist size was a skimpy 28/30 inches. Who is A & F and Hollister kidding? My roommate is only 6’0” and built and HE wears a 36. Neither of the companies aforementioned MAKE a 38 – I couldn’t even order the damn things. I had to slum it at A & E for shorts and fell back on the ever faithful Express for Men for a few pairs of jeans. It’s like these companies are willing us to lose weight. I’m here to tell you that if I lost weight I’d look like a friggin bean pole

In other news Best Buy is officially on my shitlist. It’s a big joke in my fraternity that when I get in your shit I’m all up in it, screaming at meeting and all that. Well BB is going to get some serious Joe action tomorrow and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Why, you may ask. Because I took in my truck to get a stereo installed. They said they’d call when it was done. I call at 7:00pm to check on the status (I dropped it off at 1:00pm) to find out the store is closed! WHAT THE FUCK?!? No phone call, no voicemail, AND they still have my truck! Oh boy, they’re toast.

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