Living Beyond your Means

A local radio station talk show had a great topic on today. They were talking about how some states are proposing that the ban on purchasing alcohol with food stamps be extended to include junk food as well.

The idea struck me as genius right off the bat. And the argument to justify it makes so much sense: You are using MY money to sustain life’s necessities – a twinkie is NOT one of life’s necessities! I believe that welfare serves a purpose and many people have benefitted greatly from it, but I also think it should have restrictions.

This goes right into another topic I’d like to talk about – people who run up credit or rely on mom & dad to live a live beyond their means. Havine recently rid myself of 90% of my credit card debt I’m happy to say that my spending habits are becoming more and more responsible. I may not be able to have the best, but I live quite well compared to most 22 year olds. It’s simple people – look at your paycheck, take 10% off the top for savings, pay your bills with whats leftover. I’ll break it down into an equation for the math heads in the crowd:

(P * .90) – B = FC

P = Amount on Paycheck,
.90 = 10% to savings / investments,
B = Bills, and
FC = Fun Cash

I usually dump more into savings depending on the value of FC. I’m releasing this formula into public domain with all rights reserved. Feel free to distribute freely.

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