Sun Dying?

I read a decent editorial on the almost certain demise of Sun Microsystems. My favorite quote in the article is as follows …

Even Java is becoming superfluous. Java is the Dan Marino of software. Just as the former Dolphins quarterback, Java affected the world so much that history cannot be written without its mention. But nonetheless, neither Java nor Dan ever won the big one.

The author makes some good points and I believe that he’s right. You can read the whole article here.

I find this article funny in that it points out what Java is – a loser of a language. Every recruiter and company on the planet asks, “Do you know Java?”, as if the language is the king. I have news for you. Strict typed languages shouldn’t be used for web based applications. Sure if you plan on making a cross platform GUI application it may be right for you, but it’s basically an interpreted compiled language if that makes any sense. My hopes are high that Java dies when Sun does.

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