Please wait for the next available moron

Since I’ve been moving I had to do the obligatory calls to the local utility companies. Amazingly, a person from Comcast picked up and had me taken care of in less than five minutes.

DTE, our local energy company, was a different story. After navigating the menus to transfer my service I was told to enter my phone number. I did and was put on hold for the next available operator. After waiting for about 10 minutes an operator gets on the phone and immediately asks me for my phone number! Didn’t I just enter that? Aren’t you and your voice automated system connected? Didn’t the system say to enter the phone number to speed up this whole process? ARGH! At any rate, after a few minutes on the phone with her everything was taken care of.

The new place is nice. It’s a big three bedroom apartment on the third floor of an old house across the street from campus. Interesting side note: I live in the same room the Michigan Murderer lived in when he went to EMU.

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