Supreme Court Decides

There are a few interesting cases that will be brought before the US Supreme Court in the coming months. They include patents on Mickey Mouse, a decision on the U of M affirmitive action case, and whether or not states can fine gays and lesbians for sex acts that the state deems abnormal even if they occur in the privacy of your own home.

The two that us Internet users should pay close attention to are the Mickey Mouse patent case, which revolves around how long a patent should be valid for. Currently it’s only supposed to be 20 years I believe, but they can be extended on a case by case basis. The other involves filters in libraries. I’m torn on this issue. Sure a kid could browse to a porn site while visiting the library, but how many actually would? I, personally, would not browse explicit sites and if I did I would think a librarian should be close by to tell me to stop it.

In other news I’m moving. I’m finally getting out of this hell hole of an apartment and moving into a nicer one a few blocks away. We should know if we were approved by the end of today.

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