Apple, Credit, and Classes

After hearing moonkhan gloat about his iPod, I’ve decided to purchase one. I’m torn on which one I should get. The 5GB one seems too small, while the 20GB seems too expensive. On the other hand if I get the 10GB I just know that I will wish I had purchased the 20GB one in a few months. Once I finally do make up my mind I have to decide between purchasing a new one or a used one off of eBay. Once I finally DO purchase one I promise I will post a review here. In other Apple news I found an extremely funny site called Crazy Apple Rumors via The site instantly reminded me of the satire I wrote about iApp.

After shifting some money around I was finally able to pay off all of my credit cards. I will be promptly cancelling all but two of my credit cards. One I’m keeping to reserve hotels, cars, etc. and the other I’m keeping because it offers low balance transfers. A side note to anyone who has a credit card: The Great Credit Card Bazaar.

I registered for my last two undergraduate classes. In April I will officially be a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. I will graduate with a degree in Computer Information Systems. I plan on staying in the area for a year or so while Lauren finishes school and then we plan to head off to an, as of yet, undecided big city.

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