Small Town, USA

Last night Lauren and I visited some of the finer establishments in Richmond, MI. We started the night off at a place called “Chaps.” In the heart of “downtown” Richmond. It was your typical small town bar. Upon entering the bar we were surrounded by the ear piercing sound of “I am Woman” being sung by an inebriated elderly woman. After wading through the sea of cammoflauge and John Deer hats we settled down for a few beers. Amazingly, they had our favorite beer Michelobe Ultra. As you can imagine, I was quite relieved to find out that the bright orange shotgun the guys in the back were wielding was attached to the latest version of the “Deer Hunter” video game. After a few more poor renditions of twangy country tunes belted out over the bar’s hand-me-down karaoke player, we left for the other hot spot in town, Knapp’s.

Knapp’s had an overall younger feel to it. We quickly grabbed a table and headed to the bar for a drink. I was feeling especially cheery so I decided to get my favorite mixed drink, a Red Bull and Vodka. I was greeted with “Red what?” from the bartender. How could you NOT know what Red Bull is? After having my bubble burst I settled into a regular routine of $1.50 drafts for the rest of the night.

Of course, no drunken night would be complete without a trip to Taco Bell. I ended up getting a Steak Bowl.

All I have to say now is: Thank Allah for Chaser!

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