Everquest and other oddities

I’m a religous news fanatic. I read CNN.com, Yahoo! News, and Slashdot on a daily basis (some many times a day). I’m going to start sharing some of the interesting stuff I find. Read on for more …

First off is this story about the economy of EverQuest. It talks about how the per capita income of the fantasy land in EverQuest is roughly $2,200.00 a year per person, which would put it at 77th in the world if it were a real country (right behind Russia for Pete’s sake!).

Being somewhat of an Economics enthusiast (if there is such a thing as one) I find this both intriguing and amazing at the same time. It opens up whole new doors – for instance could I make “Miesterland” and start selling access, etc. to make my own country? Can countries exist without borders? Can countries exist without any central government (as some would argue EverQuest does)? It’s mind blowing.

In other news the bible is set to become more politically correct. Phrases, such as the “Sons of God”, will be replaced with PC terms, such as “Sons and Daughters of God.” I’m not an extremely religous man, in fact I hate organized religion, but I find this to be a GOOD thing. This means that the church is finally agreeing in some compacity to join the rest of us in the 21st century. It’s a small concession, but who knows maybe they’ll finally admit they fscked up during World War II…

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