The term terrorist.

I knew it, I just knew it. A recent story tells how the Russian government is saying the helicoptor described in the story was downed by “terrorists” in Chechnya. Read on …

Now we all know about Chenya and the past clashes with Russia. Many would call people fighting to have their own separate state “Freedom Fighters” or at worst “Rebels”, however, with the now over extended term “terrorist” (thanks to much Washington rhetoric) the Russians claim they are “terrorists.”

For a long time now I have thought that the Palenstinians were most definately the aggressors and your typical “terrorist”, however, I now can see that they are fighting for a cause – while I in NO WAY agree with their means – I do see a clear cause (if you don’t know why they are pissed off about Israel you need to go back to history 101). I know this point is not viewed by many, but I’d like to pose a question for you people out there who are totally against me: Were our founding fathers terrorists?

By today’s standards: yes. Here are the similarities between the Palestinians, Chechans, and ourselves …

  • All oppressed by governments where their views are not represented (Israel, Russia, and England)
  • All resorted to violence as a means to bring notice to their cause.

I’m sure the term “terrorist” wasn’t around for the Boston Tea Party, but if a bunch of Palestinians went out and sank a ship the term would most certainly be applied today …

I’m just warning people they should watch out, we are just now entering what I see to be the most oppresive time in history. Besides life wouldn’t be very interesting without upheaval, unrest, revolution, and evolution.

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