Jamba Juice Triathlon in San Diego

Right after the finish!

I flew down to San Diego last Thursday to spend some time with Dana and participate in my second triathlon, the Jamba Juice Triathlon. Dana and I spent a few nights hanging out with friends, eating copious amounts of quality mexican food and, generally, having a good time.

On Sunday, October 1st, Dana’s friend Felipe and I did the triathlon. I ended up 52nd out of 119 in my age division and 450th overall out of about 1,480 participants. Not too shabby for my second outing. My overall time was 1:06:30, which was 13 minutes faster, but the course was quite a bit different than the Kirkland triathlon. It was a slightly longer swim, but the bike was three miles shorter and didn’t include any of the Seattle hills I had to deal with in Kirkland.

Next up is the half marathon this Saturday.