Gearing up for the move

Moving sucks. Moving across country sucks even more. Moving across country in a 2000 Ford Focus and a 1999 Ford Escort sucks the most. Lauren and I have slowly been consolidating our lives and packing it away into small boxes for the last few days. I have been doing my office work from home, which means on my system for hours together. Luckily I ordered thermal pastes last week which is not letting my system overheat. During the entire process of packing and me working there have been few disputes over what should go, what should be stored, and what should be tossed.

We’ve sold our TV (sniff – my 32 inch Sony Trinitron), my 17 inch Samsung LCD, many other computer parts, DVD’s, desks, chairs, couches, etc. All in an effort to fit our entire lives into two compact cars. Crash has a feeling something is up. He’s been freaking out for most of the week as he’s watched his surroundings change drastically. If he only knew he’d be spending about 40 hours in a car with me over the next week …

I’d like to take a few seconds to thank my parents for giving my TV a loving home, my brother for graciously taking some of my DVD’s and various computer parts off my hands (and letting Homer into his home), Lauren’s Aunt Dottie for trading us a regular bed for an air bed, Lauren’s grandparents for giving us their car top carrier, Lauren’s mom for helping coordinate a lot of these trades and, finally, my Uncle Mike for making sure my father’s hand-made bedroom is in good hands until I can figure out how the hell to get it out to Seattle. Thank you all.

See you all in Seattle!

Seattle Here We Come!

Laure and I have purchased a one bedroom condo in the heart of the Capital Hill district in Seattle, WA. It’s a decent sized 630 sq. ft. condo in an older, but recently refurbished building, called The Ambassador. Feel free to take a peek at soon-to-be home.

If you are looking for a great city with lots to do and decent prices for purchasing then you may wish to check out Seattle. It has mild weather, a great tech industry (Microsoft, and Real Networks to name a few), mountains near by and the ocean. Imagine San Francisco only on a slightly smaller scale.

Lauren and I will be moving at the end of August. If you’d like to get together before then please email us or give us a call. Ack! Two weeks and I’ll be living on the other side of the country. Things move fast.