Zorka Visits Again, This Time He Brought Company

Myself, Keith and William

Keith, in the middle above, his friend William Wallace (I can’t make this up) and Joe (not pictured) came up from Hatteisburg, MS for a visit to Seattle. Keith had a conference, William had some free miles and Joe was along for the ride.

I picked up William and Joe downtown after work and we headed to one of my favorite pubs in Fremont, the George and Dragon. The George and Dragon is a proper English pub so imagine the bartender’s response when Joe, a true blue good ‘ol boy from the south, asked for “a bud”. With some reluctance he sat down with a Pilsner Urquell and we talked a bit about the area, the nuances of American beer versus good beer, etc.

The next night, though, I heard quite possibly the funniest quote ever from the weekend of which there were many. Upon hearing my bike cost about $3,800 new and that I had paid $1,000 to buy it used, Joe retorted in a thick souther drawl, “Shiiiiiiiiit! It ain’t got a motor or nuttin’!” Hilarity, as they say, did ensue.

All joking aside, the guys had a great time wandering around the city, enjoying the Fremont Oktoberfest and generally taking in the sights. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it down to Hattiesburg, which is supposedly the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll!