Maya has relations with Crash

Whenever I tell people that Maya has a strange habit of humping my cat, Crash, they always think I’m lying. Well, I’m not. In fact, I have a video of Maya humping Crash (1.4MB).

I’m not really sure why my female dog has taken to humping my male cat, but I find it quite funny to say the least. It seems to happen mostly when Crash is bent over eating out of the food dish. The part I find most odd is that Crash doesn’t seem to mind.

Anatomically nothing is happening, but man it’s funny as hell to watch. I was at a party last night showing everyone the video and getting good laughs.

Introducing Maya the Chihuahua

A few days ago Josh and I went to get our hair cut at the local barber shop. While I was there I noticed that there was a sign for a free chihuahua. Lauren and I had been looking for a new pet, possibly a cat or a small dog. After talking it over with Lauren we decided to go ahead and call the lady about the dog.

Chihuahuas are extremely small dogs and work well in apartments. They are also loyal dogs that border on jealous. They excite easily and almost constantly shake for one reason or another. Maya is black with a white chest and and huge ears. Like other chihuahuas she has huge black eyes.

She is still getting used to everyone and Crash is a little pissed, but I think everything is going to work out fine in the end. Lauren is having a hard time getting Maya to like her too. Maya likes me though, which annoys Lauren.