Missy Higgins and Ian McFeron at The Crocodile

Last night Kay and I went to The Crocodile Cafe to take in a show. We saw Missy Higgins and Ian McFeron. Overall, I give the show a good grade. Though I always give good grades to shows where I can hear what the singer is singing and the music doesn’t totally sound like ass.

First up was Ian McFeron, who played last year at Bumbershoot. He sounded a little bluesy and a little honkey tonk, but was fun to watch. I always enjoy someone on an acoustic guitar on stage who looks like they’re really enjoying putting on a show. His fiddle player, on the other hand, looked awkward and uncomfortable. She had this smile on her face that said, “I have no fucking clue what I’m doing here. I thought learning to play the violin would land me a rich husband.”

After a brief intermission Missy Higgins came on. You could tell because all of the lesbian’s wallet chains were clanking with excitement. Seriously, the minute this girl started playing the piano every short haired Emo girl in the place let out a sigh. Her Wikipedia entry says her music has been described as “bland and underproduced” and I couldn’t agree more. She sounded fine, but she never really achieved full jamfest, which disappointed me a bit because it almost felt like she was holding back. Never the less, she did end up belting out a few good songs.

As a side note, I drank some Flat Tire beer that that tasted like it had been laced with farts. Seriously, I don’t remember Flat Tire tasting that bad. Luckily, they had New Castle so I was able to clear my palate (as a side note to my side note, I had to Google the correct spelling of palate/pallete/pallet).