Welcome to stu.mp

Whoa! What happend to the old site?! Well, after many years of rolling my own code, design, HTML, CSS, etc. I finally gave up and had some professionals take care of the hard parts. I’ve gave up rolling my own code in favor of using WordPress a while ago and am now using the Lifestream plugin for this site, which I hacked to bits.

The more exciting part, I think, though is the design. It’s been in my head for years, but never could figure a way to convert itself into bits and bytes. Thankfully, the highly skilled Jake Mix was able to take care of the gorgeous illustrations. Once I had the illustrations in hand, I had the young protégé Julian Targowski put the various bits together into the amazing design you see now.

There are still a few bits and bytes that are not aligned properly and I’m 99% sure that the site is totally broken in Internet Explorer (a fact I care little about). If you like what you see I highly recommend contacting Jake and/or Julian.