We won!

I’m sitting at the Burp Castle with Daniel Burka and Arne Fismen celebrating our new President, Barack Obama, after celebrating in Times Square with thousands of people. The Burp Castle has temporarily suspended their “Sush Rule” so that we can properly celebrate Barack’s acceptance speech.

Yes we can!

As I type this an African American is the President elect of the United States. Let that sink in a bit. The people of the United States have made a strong stand against the agents of intolerance. They’ve said with resounding thunder that religious¬†zealots, war mongers and ignorant people have no place in our great nation.¬†If you’re against gay rights, against a black President, in favor of endless war for oil, or against renewable energy we’ve risen up and clearly stated your ignorant and bigoted views of the world are not welcome.

I, for one, welcome change for the good.

2 thoughts on “We won!

  1. I have voted in every election since I could, this is the first time that I felt such a strong need to cast my vote. This is the first election in my lifetime that drew such a strong emotion from me. Yeah the last election drew a pretty strong emotion but it was of confusion for the country that I belive in and love, not so much love last time. I feel that having a man like Oboma as President is a change beyond our wildest dream, an Open Source Presidency one that the people actually matter, for once in my life I feel like a proud American. Go Obama, Go America.

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