Digg is hiring LAMP programmers

It’s 6PM on a Thursday night and I’m about ready to head over to the Open Web Awards presented by Mashables.com to celebrate Digg’s wins with a few of my fellow Diggers. The only downer is that we don’t have more Diggers to share the fruits of our labor with. It reminded me that I should probably tell all 10 people who read this site that we’re looking for talented people to work with us in our San Francisco office (in Potrero Hill). Below is a little insight into what you’d be doing if you worked at Digg.

  • Program for the 36th largest site on the intertubes according to Compete.com. Digg.com does 20,000,000+ unique visits a month. That’s a lot of zeros!
  • We use the LAMP stack (Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP with some Python thrown around from time to time) and expect you to be proficient with that.
  • Learn from some of the brightest minds in the PHP, design and operations communities.
  • Play with Memcache, Gearman, Mogile, PEAR, etc. in a high volume environment.
  • Create and contribute to open source projects while you work on high traffic and scalability problems at Digg.
  • 20 days of PTO a year and access to all sorts of great benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.).

I love working at Digg. It’s fun, fast pace and I work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. If you have any questions or interest please email jobs@digg.com.

4 thoughts on “Digg is hiring LAMP programmers

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  3. What’s Digg’s benefits package look like? I’m pretty aware of how great of a site Digg is, but are you guys looking for a lackey coder, or an employee who you value, not an employee who values you? Don’t take this the worong way =) Peace!

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