I'm going to Thailand

Well, it’s all set in stone. I bought a ticket this morning whose final destination is Bangkok, Thailand. I’m planning on spending a few days in Bangkok and then taking a flight down to the Surat Thani Province for the Koh Phangan full moon beach party.

If anyone has any input on what gear I should take with me, any sites I should definitely see, etc. I’d love to hear about it. Post it in the comments for all to share.

2 thoughts on “I'm going to Thailand

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  2. gear? Hmm, depends how long you’re staying. But Bangkok is very modern, westernized, i.e. big shopping malls… you could arrive with nothing and buy everything you need there.

    Ignore all people at the airport who are touting you to give you a ride. Take a pre-paid taxi at the taxi stand. Some nights in Bangkok it was hard to book rooms, so certainly try to book your first nights in advance so you aren’t hasseling with that right away.

    Do not miss the Grand Palace in Bangkok. everything else there you can kind of hit or miss, see what you can.

    I spent one week diving on Ko Tao, which is on the same ferry line as Ko Phangan. It was great. It’s probably the cheapest place in the world to get dive certified if you are not already.

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