God, please kill my daughters

The state of Texas is up in arms about the fact that the governor had the nerve to require that the HPV vaccine be given to all 6th grade girls. The nerve! A vaccine that prevents cancer?! Given to my daughters?! Blasphemy!

Their reasoning? It promotes promiscuity. Please. How about you do what every other self-respecting parent does when faced with an uncomfortable situation with their children: lie. Tell them it’s a vaccine that prevents cancer and leave it at that. How about having a responsible conversation about safe sex instead of pretending that your daughter is different and won’t have premarital sex.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; 9 out of 10 Americans practice premarital sex. That study includes women from the 1940’s as well so you older folks can’t get all holy on us younger people.

My vote is every girl is vaccinated and we cross our fingers that cervical cancer and HPV is abolished in the same manner that polio was for our parents.

1 thought on “God, please kill my daughters

  1. Polio! Why, if we vaccinate for polio, our kids will be capable of walking to the whorehouse, and even of deriving pleasure from sexual intercourse! It’s a path straight to hell — crippling paralysis is God’s way of keeping His youth chaste.

    Just say “No” to polio! (vaccine)

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