jQuery Verification Plugin

I’ve created my very first jQuery plugin. It’s fairly simple in that it simply verifies an input field’s value via AJAX after a short delay from the key up event handler. Put more simply, you can verify emails, URL’s, usernames, etc. directly as the user is typing them into the input box.

$(document).ready(function() {
    url = '/verify.php';
    options = {
         verifying  : "urlVerifying",
         valid      : "urlValid",
         invalid    : "urlInvalid"
    $('#email').verify(url, option);

This will, after a short delay, verify the value of the input with id="email". The script passes the value to the URI as /verify.php?value=foobar@example.com. The script should then echo 1 for a valid value or 0 for an invalid value. See the example for more information.

Download jQuery Verification 0.0.1

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  1. I heard your going to be doing a presentation at LUGWASH. Maybe I’ll have to stop by and heckle you.

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