Framework 0.0.7 Released

I’ve fixed a minor security hole in my PEAR version of the framework that I created for the article Understanding MVC in PHP. Everyone who is currently using Framework 0.0.6 or below should update their install immediately.

To upgrade:

$ pear upgrade ""

To install:

$ pear install ""

2 thoughts on “Framework 0.0.7 Released

  1. Could you please write some on-line documentation about this release?
    Some changelog, something like the article in OnLAMP?

    Thank you for the great article about MVC and for this code

  2. Fatal error: Class Framework_Site_example contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Framework_Site_Common::prepare) in /var/atenas/wdocs/devel/framework/Framework/Site/example.php on line 2

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