Hurricane Katrina

The situation is quickly deteriorating down in New Orleans from the sound of it. FEMA has had to suspend some rescue operations because of looters and being shot at, while one of the hospitals has stopped taking evacuating patients because of sniper fire. Are the people of New Orleans a bunch of fucking retards?! I read today that the first thing people started looting were guns. I can’t say for sure if I blame them either. I’d want to be armed to the teeth with the animals that appear to be running around down there.

As a geek I wonder about how much data was lost. I know I don’t have a contingency plan for the chance my data center would be drowned in 20 feet of water. I’d imagine we’re talking about petabytes of data. Casinos have lost all sorts of information on customers. Courts, police and other public services have lost hundreds of thousands of documents. It’s staggering when you think about it.

Of course, if you have any money to spare, you should donate to the relief effort.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina

  1. “Are the people of New Orleans a bunch of fucking retards?!”

    While I understand your reasoning for asking/exclaming that, we also have to realize a lot of weird shit is going on. Prisons have released ALL of their prisoners because they can’t keep them in the place. So now, we not only have homeless, desperate, hungry, tired, and scared people… but criminals that were doing savage things with nice conditions.

    Fear brings out the worst in people and I just hope the ones that are still there, get out fast to Houston or wherever people can take them.

  2. I am still waiting for a CD from Bo Brice. I know that he is not perfect but NO ONE IS! Get over it! I still truly enjoy his voice and want to hear more.

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