Whatcha gonna do when the pest control comes for you?

From the “I can’t believe they are this power hungry” department comes a story of a pest control company who was recruited by the police department to “help fight crime”.

Technicians from Truly Nolen Pest Control of America are being trained by local law enforcement to spot anything unusual as they visit customer’s homes.

This is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. In fact, I’m trying to think of something to say, but I’m pretty much in shock right now. As we all know the police have pesky rules (which are quickly fading away thanks to the likes of the PATRIOT Act) that disallow them from entering a suspect’s home or anyone’s home for that matter without “probable cause.” However, if you invite someone into your house, say a pest control company, and they spot something and report it that’s “probable cause.”

Sneaky little fuckers aren’t they? I should call pest control …

9 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna do when the pest control comes for you?

  1. I’m not sure I can see your point on this. I don’t see how it’s wrong. Law enforcement (at the ground level, ie. your ordinary police force) can’t keep up with the ridiculous crime waves, small time drug dealing, crack addicted, one shoe wearing, beating up old people bastards. Why not ask/train a commonly used trade to help them. Why would it be wrong? If I call the pest control guy, I gotta tell you, I’m not scared. If they happen to spot my neighbor shooting up heroin on their porch as they rock there baby in a beat up stroller. Then by all means, please tell the police if I haven’t already. I’m not a shady person, I haven’t this fear. If I were doing something shady then yes, my first inclination would be “This is wrong”, are you shady Joe, …Hmmm?

    Peace out!
    JJ Phillip

    PS. If anything, they should train mail men to be more aware of illegal activity. This way they aren’t targetting the general poverty population, they’re targetting everywhere.

  2. Ever heard of “minding your own business”? We’re increasingly living in a society where tattletales are being encouraged. Unless I’m fucking up your cabbage patch please leave mine alone.

    I’m pretty pissed that my tax dollars are going to fund the training of an army of domestic spies that report back to the police. Who’s overseeing this new de-facto police force?

    If I wanted someone policing my neighborhood I’d call 911 and tell the people who are trained to take care of such situations. If my neighbors were pissed off about something I’m doing I’m sure they would do the same.

  3. I haven’t read 1984 in a few years, but last I recall, there were cameras viewing you, in your house, at all times a day (unless you could find that small to read… :P).

    I don’t however remember pest control being “Big Brother” — in fact, there was quite a pest problem to begin with… not to mention Wilson’s hatred of rats… I think pest control would have been welcomed!

    Obviously most of that was in jest — I just tire of every second person calling up George Orwell story-lines to make comparisons about our lives because they never got around to reading any other books. Hell, it seems like most of the time, they never even read 1984, they just recite what they heard about it from other people. Not saying that is you, but please just say something more interesting than “WE LIVE IN AN ORWELLLIAN SOCIETY!” or “BIG BROTHER IS EVERYWHERE”.

    Apparently neither of you guys ever watched Bad Boys 2, where do you think the idea came from to do this! 🙂 If it worked for Will Smith — it works for me!

  4. I don’t understand how you can not make the association. The whole point of 1984 was the idea that someone is always watching. It was the thought that an entire population could be controlled through the fear of being caught because they were being watched at all times.

    Just because the cameras are pest control workers in this case doesn’t make the reference any less realistic. It’s a step in that direction and it’s scary.

    My main concerns with this is who oversees these people? And am I going to have a pest control worker rummaging through my place looking for evidence?

  5. In reference to Joe Stump (#2) response.

    Your idea of *tattletales* is not very responsible. You’re being a bit narrow minded about it. What I take from your opinions is that if you look outside your window and see someone bashing in your neighbors car window, ripping out the steering column, you don’t give a crap. It’s their responsability. And in the same respects, you don’t want people calling the police if someone sees a burglar sneaking in your basement window, because, damn those tattletales. You’re viewing the pest control as one sided, not viewing it as a protection against *evils* as well as your view is not very open minded.

    Neighbors should protect their fellow neighbor. I expect my neighbors to call the police. I would be pissed and might even consider filing charges against my neighbor if they saw something blantantly illegal and not call the police. It’s call the good citizens act. You’re paranoid and need to look at the brighter side of things. Not everyone is out to get you. The government hasn’t planted a tracking device in your tooth the last time you visited the dentist, I promise you.

    Peace out!

  6. Interesting concept…never occurred to me to use the home service industry to help with law enforcement. Is it considered a new product/service ? A new a profit center when they collect any rewards and they have to report it as income? Or is it deducted as a charitable contribution?

    Hey, maybe now service industies can actually make some money 🙂 …..just kidding everyone.

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